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Girl's Outerwear

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The North Face Meridian Convertable Pants

Price: $37.95 
Change in the weather? Change instantly!

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Turbine Zara Jacket, Girl's

Turbine Zara Jacket, Girl's

Regular Price: $89.95
 On Sale For: $49.95 

Tough and stylish, for very active girls!
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Turbine Lynx Jacket, Girl's

Turbine Lynx Jacket, Girl's

Regular Price: $88.95
 On Sale For: $62.95 

An advanced technical design for enhanced winter comfort.

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The North Face Greenland Jacket

Price: $178.95 
A sleek, warmly insulated jacket that provides waterproof, breathable protection.

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The North Face Denali Girl's Fleece Jacket

Price: $88.95 
Straight-forward comfort and outstanding durability.

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Denali Print Jacket, Girl's

The North Face Girl's Denali Print Jacket

Price: $114.95 
The popular Denali Jacket in a new print pattern.

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Mountain Sprouts Rogue Jacket

Regular Price: $94.95
 On Sale For: $59.95 

Multi-generational durability and great style!

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Mountain Sprouts Peregrine Jacket

Price: $72.95 
The go-everywhere-do-everything fleece jacket!

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Mountain Sprouts Contrail Jacket

Price: $66.95 
Great all-weather jacket!

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Molehill Mountain All Weather Pants

Regular Price: $52.95
 On Sale For: $42.95 

Waterproof, breathable, survives the toughest kids.

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Molehill Mountain All Weather Jacket

Price: $72.95 
Made for active kids and multiple seasons!

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Columbia Luxe Time Girls Parka

Price: $84.95 
Interchangeable so you can match the jacket with the tempature.

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Columbia Ballistic Full Zip Boys Jacket

Regular Price: $29.95
 On Sale For: $21.95 

Performance fleece to stay active in the winter chill.

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Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Girls Sweater

Price: $19.95 
A classic fleece sweater with drawstring waist and full zip.

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Columbia Colum-B-Girl Hoodie

Price: $24.95 
A quality hoodie for active girls - with space for an iPod!

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Columbia Epic Explorer Boys Pant

Price: $39.95 
Keep your day on the slopes warm and comfortable.

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Columbia Fairytopia Set

Price: $94.95 
Multiple pieces for maximum use.

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Columbia Blueberry Ridge Girls Jacket

Price: $29.95 
Designed to be versatile, packable and lightweight.

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Columbia Burr Buster Girls Pants

Regular Price: $39.95
 On Sale For: $27.95 

These snow pants provide warmth and durability without the weight and bulk.

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Columbia Chillout Girls Parka

Price: $79.95 
Have you seen all the advantages of this 3-in-1 jacket?

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